The LEGO Movie is awesome!

The Lego Movie

Holy crap you guys The LEGO Movie is freaking awesome!

Ok seriously from time to time a kids movie comes out that is legitimately awesome. The LEGO Movie is one of them. This is like The Lion KingToy Story trilogy, How to Train Your Dragon level awesomeness.

Directors Chris Miller and Phil Lord have managed to make a movie that brings out all the feelings of joy you get when you’re playing with Lego. You feel like you’re making the movie yourself, like you could go home and bust out your Lego sets and have more adventures or make the sequel yourself. Which I guess is the point. Sure this movie is a giant ad for plastic brick toys but it’s the best ad you’ll ever see. The story follows a generic construction worker Legoman whose life revolves around following the instructions. When his world is threatened he must embrace the idea of free thinking and creativity instead of simply following instructions.

It’s charming, it’s hilarious and it makes you feel like a kid again in all the best ways. Go see The LEGO Movie right now.


What do you think?

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