Divergent aka The Hunger Games lite


Remember how awesome both The Hunger Games movies were? Don’t expect similar awesomeness from Divergent.

Here’s a movie that’s only been made because The Hunger Games, and you can really tell. The story is kind of all over the place, and even though they spend the first 30 minutes or so literally explaining the world they exist in it still doesn’t really make sense. The problem is that the film asks you to believe in this harmonious community made up of co-existing groups of people based on values that seem to have been plucked out of mid-air. There’s no explanation of why the factions are important, or why they work, or who chose those specific values to create the factions. Putting all of that aside the movie is filled with plot holes and weird non-twists.

On a positive note the acting is amazing. Shailene Woodley and Theo James are captivating as Tris and Four, respectively. Talented as they are their performances aren’t enough to rescue the rest of the film. Average, unsurprising, run-of-the-mill, other cliche sayings. That said, it’s not as awful as Twilight. Nothing could be as awful as Twilight. Just watch The Hunger Games again, instead.


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