Review: Mr Peabody & Sherman


The great thing about Mr Peabody & Sherman is slaps you in the face. The trailers were terrible, the ads were cheap and the marketing before hand just loved the fact that Mr Peabody was a dog by making cheap dog jokes and puns. What’s so confronting about this movie is its unexpectedly good. Like really good. Not only do they turn the cheap tricks around quickly but they use the fact that Mr Peabody is a dog to actually move the story forward.

The film uses the struggles and condemnation Mr Peabody faces in being taken seriously as a hyper intelligent dog trying to raise a human child as a poignant and frankly touching message about acceptance. There are genuinely moving moments that look at adoptive relationships and what it means to be a father (or a son, for that matter). Pretty heavy for a movie about a time traveling dog, amirite?

The duo use a time machine to travel to different periods through a series of mishaps, bringing clever use of historical figures and situations to propel the story forward. There are some jokes and witty lines that will go down a treat for kids and adults alike, without resorting to cheap puns and toilet jokes.

I saw this movie with an eight year old and an eighty year old. Both came out singing the movie’s praises. Take your kids immediately, you’ll all learn something and have a great time doing it. Woof bloody woof.


What do you think?

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