Grand Budapest Hotel is like totally awesome


Guys I’ve been a bit slack. I still haven’t seen Moonrise Kingdom. I know, I know, it’s been out for frikken ages but it’s one of those things that keeps slipping down my list. I fucking loved Fantastic Mr. Fox, though, so I was amped to see Wes Anderson’s latest whimsical romp. Nice word that, whimsical. That’s the best word I can think of to describe this movie. And I wasn’t the only one to be charmed by this dry and humourful flick in a tiny but packed underground cinema in Central Auckland.

The audience laughed (yeah, audibly, not just polite chuckles) at all the right moments. Wes Anderson has created a film full of fun and colour and daring moves which keep it feeling fresh. Daring moves like the occasional animated scene at times make the film feel like a delightful community play in all the best ways. There’s a hip (note: not hipster) aesthetic to the film, it’s colourful but subdued, and beautiful in a crowded antique store-meets-Tumblr chic kind of way. It really is mesmerising.

The acting is, as to be expected with such names on the poster as Ralph Fiennes and Edward Norton, great. Ralph Fiennes is having a great time as the world’s campest concierge who must team up with his lobby boy to prove his innocence after he’s framed for murder. He’s over the top, dry and outrageous as he skuttles about the imaginary nation of Zubrowka. A stunning supporting cast backs him up, with major stars cropping up seemingly in every new scene.

Grand Budapest Hotel is worth checking out and it’s worth shelling out your pennies to check it out at the movies. The colour and lushness of the film means the cinema experience will be the best place to see it. Go have fun.



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