Ke$ha – ‘Crazy Kids’ Music Video

Ke$ha - Crazy Kids Music Video

Ke$ha – ‘Crazy Kids’ Music Video

Ke$ha has just released the video for her latest single “Crazy Kids”, from the grossly underrated album Warrior, and it is a gloriously ratchet hot mess!

In the video, Ke$ha sports some trashy white-people cornrows and plenty of cheap bling (think James Franco in Spring Breakers), and dances poolside with some old dudes and plenty of alcohol. As far as Ke$ha videos go, this is pretty much what we’ve grown to expect from her – trashy parties, beards, booze and a touch of illuminati. What I love about this video in particular is that my girl K$ actually looks… clean! It’s awesome.

Crazy Kids is the third single to come from Warrior, and I have to say, it’s a real shame the album didn’t do better than it did, because it really was a solid pop album. The biggest downside of Warrior‘s underperformance is that Ke$ha’s label is now adding guests to her singles in an attempt to boost sales. The result: one of the worst raps in a pop song this decade courtesy of notorious plagiarist Will.I.Am.

Apart from the unfortunate appearance of one of pop music’s most notorious rent-a-rappers (hey, things could be worse, it could be Flo-Rida), I really like the video for Crazy Kids – it’s wild, fun, strange, and everything that I love about Ke$ha.

Check out the video below and let us know what you think.



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