Kanye West bans pre-orders of new album ‘Yeezus’


In typical Kanye West fashion the rapper has banned fans from pre-ordering his upcoming album Yeezus, insisting that people remember the release date and buy it at the time.

Yeezus says no

The album was previously available to pre-order online but mysteriously the preorder option disappeared recently. Apparently Kanye West is so certain of the album’s imminent success he wants to rely solely on sales after the release date.

Meanwhile he’s been getting a bit of shit from religious groups over a reported alternative album cover artwork which leaked online over the past week, showing the rapper nailed to a Y-shaped cross, Jesus-style. Haven’t seen anything that would officially point to this alternative art being legit so take the rumours with a grain of salt but you never know… he did name the album Yeezus after all.

What is believed to be the alternative album art:
Yeezus Alternative Cover Art

Yeezus will be released June 18. No pre-orders.



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