Monday Music Dump

Yung Rupunxel

Here’s some awesome music to listen to this week.

Yung Rupunxel – Azealia Banks
Azealia Banks doesn’t give a fuck what the rest of the industry thinks of her and you can tell when you listen to her latest single. This bitch is abrasive and fun and this song kicks strong from start to finish. The lyrics aren’t as catchy as some of her previous songs but you can’t help but get pumped listening to this and you’ll either want to go dance or go punch somebody in the throat. Either way you’ll probably find use for the song. Be sure to watch the fierce as HELLLL video below:

Ashtrays and Heartbreaks – Snoop Lion feat. Miley Cyrus
Well here’s a combo that doesn’t sound like it works. Snoop Lion (née Dogg) teams up with everyone’s favourite ex-Disney star for his new dance-reggae album and it sounds so good. They were both probably high as Miley’s bank balance when they made it but it’s such a fun, relaxing, smokey song she sounds like she’s revelling in her grown-up stonerdom. Suburban white kids will eat this shit up and think they like reggae but if you put the genre wars aside it’s a good listen.

Lightning Bolt – Jake Bugg
Right so when this kid was 17 he got chosen by the BBC to perform on an unsigned artists stage at Glastonbury in 2011. Next thing he’s signed and releasing a debut album. The song is a pretty bouncy throwback to The Beatles era of pop rock and after listening to the rest of his album it’s hard to believe he wasn’t born in the 60s. If you’re keen he’s also doing a show in Auckland at the Powerstation in July. Tickets to the R18 show go on sale May 2 from Ticketmaster.

Blind – Hurts
Hurts always release songs with such big, anthem-y sound you can imagine them filling up a stadium or concert hall. And filling a space with sound so nicely is not an easy thing to do.. There’s so much synth and emotion and haunting vocals it’s hard not to get swept up in it. Blind is the second single from their second album Exile.

Listen to the Monday Music Dump playlist on Spotify here.


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