Monday Music Dump

Bassline Junkie

Here’s some awesome music to listen to this week.

Bassline Junkie – Dizzee Rascal
Dizzee’s thick accent comes front and centre in his latest offering from the mixtape (stupid fucking name, I know). It’s bouncing and repetitive with chunks of ‘Bonkers’ rolled in to old school ‘Fix Up, Look Sharp’. Imagine screaming this in a hot sweaty club with thousands of other drunk bitches. Oh wait, that’s what happened when Dizzee was in Auckland for the Back to the Future concert at Vector. Good times.

Flashbacks, Memories and Dreams – The Virgins
The Virgins are back with a pretty cool video which looks like something straight outta MTV in 1992. It’s a pretty chilled song and is much like the stuff on their self-titled 2008 album but that’s a good thing, right? Can’t totally change your sound with every new album. I’m pretty happy that these guys are still around and still making some bouncing indie-rock. What would all those Gossip Girl soundtracks have been without them?

Wanderlust – Polly Scattergood
Watch this video. Just watch it. How fucking cute is she? It’s a pretty cool video concept which just keeps getting better as the song goes on. There’s a sort of Lily Allen aspect to the song, it definitely hits a good spot.

Come & Get It – Selena Gomez
This is really nothing like I would have expected from ex-Disney darling and current Spring Breakers badgirl Selena Gomez. There’s this weird tribal intro and some etherealĀ moaning in the background but odd as it is the track works and there’s some energetic, chanty genius to the chorus. Worth a listen.

Listen to the Monday Music Dump playlist on Spotify here.


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