Monday Music Dump

JT Mirrors

Here’s some awesome music to listen to this week.

Mirrors – Justin Timberlake
I’d be a fan of mirrors too, if I was Justin Timberlake. He’s back after seven years away from music and boy does he make a comeback. Picking up where 2006’s FutureSex/LoveSounds left off Mirrors reminds us of Justin’s soaring soundscapes and layers of sound strung together by a killer melody. He sounds like a guy happy and excited to be making music again and playing with sound, not someone desperate to conquer the charts, and that’s ok with me. Check out the beautiful video here:

Trials of the Past – SBTRKT
The elusive SBTRKT (say it like ‘subtract’) has made a nice, chilled track perfect for a Sunday morning spent cleaning up after last night’s party. Get it on your Hangover playlist now.

Boomerang – Nicole Scherzinger
Nicole Scherzinger has had a pretty rocky time as a solo artist, mostly because everything she’s done has been shit. Until now, that is. Boomerang is a bouncy shot of dance pop which goes down smooth and makes you happy straight away. Sure, it’s a bit basic but it’s so fun you can’t really hate it.

Heartbeat – Childish Gambino
Just listen.

Listen to the Monday Music Dump playlist on Spotify here.


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