Monday Music Dump

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Here’s some awesome music to listen to this week.

Losing You – Solange
Hipster Beyonce strikes again. I like how B’s little sister has gone from the Proud Family theme song to this. What the fuck even is this? It’s awesome and I can’t stop listening. The video has this awesome nostalgic hipster look to it, like she got high and fell in to her Instagram feed. She dances like a freak pro too. Watch/listen/buy/now.

Retrograde – James Blake
Here’s a haunting Brit who hung out with Kanye West and matched his shrilly voice with Ye-esque electronic beats. Imagine Frank Ocean with a better drum machine and pasty skin.

Das Me – Brooke Candy
Where Solange is hipster-meets-Instagram, some dude on the internet described Brooke Candy as stripper-meets-Tumblr. Accurate description. She’s dirty and slutty and celebrates her NSFWness and just all around awesome. She’s not afraid of her sexuality and you shouldn’t be either, this one’s weirdly catchy.

Hold On – Alabama Shakes
Hit play, close your eyes and listen to the song for a while. Then open your eyes… Bet that’s not what you were expecting to see huh? Singer Brittany Howard not only has seemingly the biggest mouth in entertainment but an amazing voice. It’s something a little different that I could listen to all day. Watch their pitch perfect performance on SNL here too.

Listen to the Monday Music Dump playlist on Spotify here.


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