Monday Music Dump


Here’s some awesome music to listen to this week.

It’s Alright – Matt & Kim
Fun, bouncy, jumpy song with a creatively sexy video. Actually I can’t decide if it’s sexy or not. Their eyes are closed so it’s a bit creepy. Just watch:

She Loves Me – Willy Moon
Willy (lol) Moon is from Wellington and, at only 23, has signed to Island Records so he’s probably going to be a big deal. His album is out now and it’s full of short little songs like this one, slamming 50s rock and roll tunes with modern hip hop, creating something deliciously catchy in the process.

Fuckin’ Problems – A$AP Rocky
I don’t know much about A$AP Rocky except that he’s also a music video director. I would have thought that he could’ve come up with a better video but whatever, the song is good.

Cash, Diamond Rings, Swimming Pools – D E N A
Despite her stupid name I can’t shake this song out of my head.

Listen to the Monday Music Dump playlist on Spotify here.


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